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Tec Diving

It might not be your first thought, but also for technical divers Bonaire has a lot to offer!

And the best place for tec diving on Bonaire is with our dive operation Buddy Dive! Located at Buddy Dive Resort, Buddy Dive Tek is a rebreather-friendly facility, offering a variety of courses including Sidemount, Trimix and Advanced Nitrox up to instructor level. On top of that, they have their very own gas blending station for all your tec diving needs, extensive equipment rental and much more!

New to tec diving and want to give it a try before jumping into a course? Buddy Dive Tek also offers Discover Tec; a half day introduction to technical diving.

Underwater Photography

Few destinations offer the photographic opportunities that you will find here on Bonaire. With our incredible visibility, abundant fish life and healthy reef system, wide angle opportunities are naturally abound. But it is the bounty of macro life visible both day and night, that truly sets us apart. Not surprising, visitors to the island have regularly named Bonaire one of the top 5 macro life destinations in Scuba Diving Magazine’s annual Readers Survey.

The digital photo center, located at Buddy Dive Resort is perfectly equipped to make your photographic experience an extraordinary one. Besides digital camera equipment for rent/sale and photo coaching sessions, you can follow courses such as PADI U/W photography / videographer specialties as well as 3 day master underwater digital photo classes.

Reef Renewal Foundation

The Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire is here to assist the local government and local environmentalists to preserve the existing genetic diversity of staghorn and elkhorn corals, establish a nursery and restoration program designed to restore the shallow reefs, and to work with the community to identify and reduce land-based stressors, such as uncontrolled storm water runoff and poor sewage treatment practices.

Become a Reef Renewal Diver and dive for a cause!

Diver Propulsion Vehicle

Would you like to see a lot of Bonaire’s underwater territory in a brief amount of time? Scoot yourself through the water without kicking with a Diver Propulsion Vehicle. Whether shore diving or diving from a boat, DPV’s offer a sensational way to see more and have a blast doing it.

DPV’s especially come in handy while wreck diving, as they let you tour more of the wreck and reduce your air consumption.