Save time on check-in

Hotel Registration

Save time at the front desk by filling in the required paperwork prior to arrival. Simply complete your Registration Form

*Please note: You need to fill out one registration form per apartment.




Before arrival, please fill out the Diver Liability Form.

Taking a course with us? Please fill out the Liability Form for OW Students before you come to Bonaire.

If you are not diving with us but will do activities including snorkeling through Buddy Dive, please fill in the Activity liability form.

If you are following one of our courses, please make sure to complete and bring along the medical form.  NOTE: A printed physical copy of the form is required.

Bonaire Marine Park-Gebühr

All people who would like to make use of the Bonaire Marine Park (all water surrounding Bonaire) need to pay the Bonaire Marine Park fee to Stinapa. The fee is $40 for all users of the marine park.

Please pay your marine park fee online before arrival. The fee can be paid on the Stinapa website.



As of July 1st, 2022 the room and car tax will no longer be paid at our resorts, but a $75 tourist entry tax must be paid before arrival. The tax will apply to all non-residents 13 and older entering Bonaire. Non-residents aged 12 and under and residents of the former Netherlands Antilles arriving on the island will pay a $10 fee per visit.

This tax can be paid before arrival via an online platform, or upon arrival at Flamingo Airport.

The funds from the tourist tax will be invested to support education, infrastructure, tourism development, and sustainability initiatives on the island.

Wir empfehlen dringend, vor der Ankunft alle erforderlichen Informationen auf auszufüllen und den QR-Code mitzubringen. Das verhindert lange Wartezeiten am Flughafen.

Unterzeichnen Sie die Bonaire-Anleihe

Mit der Unterzeichnung der Bonaire-Anleihe versprechen Sie, die Insel, die Gemeinschaft und die Lebensgrundlagen für die kommenden Jahre zu erhalten und zu schützen. Im Namen der Unterzeichner der Bonaire-Anleihe wird die Tourism Corporation Bonaire eine Korallenbaumschule von Reef Renewal Bonaire adoptieren.

Lesen Sie alles über Bonaire Bond und wie Sie daran teilnehmen können unter